this is not summer camp.


Leadership summit. Networking Collective.  Advocate Assembly. Uniting our strengths to progress and innovate. Gathering leaders to connect and collaborate.

It all started in 2016, with 16 incredible female-identifying outdoor industry leaders convening at a high country hut. We continue this project by honoring the original 16 attendees that had the likeminded vision to come to our little experiment, by multiplying their collaborations with every leadership summit, and every individual impacted after the summit experience.

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Thank You To Our Sponsors


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“Take a good look—this is what the future of the outdoor industry looks like. You’ve got women who are championing outdoor advocacy, redefining the retail space, pushing the limits of their sport, fighting to save wild places, and doing it all through incredible storytelling and community building. Having a seat at this table is a humbling, uplifting gift and I can’t wait to watch this bright future unfold.”
— Katie Boué, @katieboue, founder of The Outdoor Advocacy Project