Where the Wild Women Are: How a cross-country upheaval started a movement | 360Durango

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It was an impeccable summer morning. Sixteen women, leaders within the outdoor industry in their own rites, made their way up Highway 550 to Ophir Pass Road. They had been hand-selected, based upon their various involvements in the outdoors, to be a part of something bigger than them. Bigger, in fact, than their host had even conceived.

“It started really small, this idea to bring women we knew; from pro and semi-pro athletes to editors at magazines, freelance writers, women that work at conservation initiatives, brand founders, brand owners; into this really inspiring environment in the San Juans.”

Amanda Goad isn’t a Colorado native, but she might as well be. Her passion for the outdoors, especially our local San Juans, is loyal and unwavering. It was she that brought these women together for this inaugural women-only retreat into the Colorado mountains.

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